Tokyo Narita Airport ANA Suite Lounge

2017 Apr 10

  • Visited: Monday 3 PM


When I walked up to the reception and after showing my boarding pass and passport, I was walked to the lounge area to a specific seat. Overall it looked modern and monochrome. My seat was pretty spacious with a small table on the side.

2017-04-10 15.04.47

2017-04-10 15.58.44

Unfortunately my seat was directly facing the aisle. I wish I was assigned a different seat, but the lounge looked pretty busy overall, since most seats appeared taken. The lounge was quite spacious so I didn’t feel too disturbed though.




I was offered warm hand towels and a welcome drink when I took a seat, and I asked for champagne.

2017-04-10 15.06.58


They had light snacks near the entrance. The food from the snack bar was alright, but nothing impressive.

2017-04-10 15.14.10

2017-04-10 15.14.42

2017-04-10 15.14.44

2017-04-10 15.16.40


There was a section with alcohol as well.

2017-04-10 15.34.42


There was a noodle bar in the corner. I actually was not going to get anything heavy since I was going to eat on the plane, but I heard so much slurping around I had to get one. So I ordered the kitsune udon and got a small buzzer.

2017-04-10 15.47.43

2017-04-10 15.47.59


I got my bowl of udon 3 minutes later. Thankfully it was small. The fried tofu was really sweet! The broth tasted clean and rich, and the noodles were great as well. I was glad I gave this a try.

2017-04-10 15.50.07



Other Seating Areas

There were massage chairs! I didn’t try it though.

2017-04-10 16.00.22


There were cubicles with huge monitor (or TV?) and a comfortable seat and a footstool. There was even a copying machine nearby.

2017-04-10 16.00.33

2017-04-10 16.31.58

2017-04-10 16.31.54

2017-04-10 16.32.06

2017-04-10 16.31.44


Even the bathroom had a really nice vanity area.

2017-04-10 16.00.46


There was even a change room.

2017-04-10 16.34.22


I didn’t visit the shower but I’m sure it’s also clean and nice.




It wasn’t overwhelmingly luxurious for a first class lounge compared to the ones I’ve read about online, but I felt like it had everything. Most people left their bags at their seats so it felt pretty safe. If you’re planning to eat here I suggest skipping the snack bar and heading over to the noodle bar. I really wish the seats were more private (or at least not face the aisle) though.


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