Bangkok Hostel – Siam Plugin Hostel

2017 Nov 20 – Nov 21

  • Room: 8 bed female dorm
  • Price: US 11 per night + THB 500 (~ USD 16) Key deposit
  • Location: 10 minute walk from Krung Thon Buri station. Residential neighbourhood.
  • Atmosphere: Laid back, quiet, hip
  • Link: Tripadvisor



The hostel was situated in a residential neighbourhood. There was a small shopping mall (with a huge Starbucks) 3 minutes away on foot. It’s not very close to subway stations and I had to detour for 5 minutes when I didn’t want to jaywalk.




The building was small and had about 3 rooms and single shower/bathroom area per floor. My room had 8 beds. The ladder steps were spaced out and it was made of steel pipes, therefore very uncomfortable and almost painful to use. I highly recommend getting the lower bunk.



The curtains could not be moved so inside the bed was pretty dark, but the lights could be turned on. The bedding was comfortable and there were hangers on the side.


There was AC in the room but there was also a small fan in the bed. Reading light and a small safe with lock were also available. My key for the safe was not functional so I had to ask for a spare. The outlet was functional but the USB charging port made noises so I did not use it.



There were lockers big enough for carry-on bags near the door.



The room door did not separate the room from the corridor completely. All the noises from the corridor (and even other floors) could be heard.



Restroom and Shower

Interestingly, everything was fairly exposed. There was no door separating restrooms from the corridor, and the urinals for men were only semi-covered (as in I had to consciously avoid looking that way when I was going to my room).



The shower stalls had liquid soap inside but only a hook and no storage space.



Common Area

The lobby looked like a cafe and there was also a rooftop area. They weren’t large but given the size of the hostel it provided enough space. There was a small area outside the main door with a bean sofa.


The hostel provided free breakfast in the cafe. I chose orange juice and coconut pastry and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality.




On my second day I returned to the hostel around 12:20 and was told that the whole building will be unavailable due to pest control (spraying for mosquitos) until 2 PM. The staff had mentioned spraying the night before when I was sitting outside, but not the fact that I would not be able to use the room. This was very inconvenient.



I had actually booked for 4 nights but ended up leaving after a single night. The staffs were very friendly and courteous, but in the end I decided that it would be worth the time and money to move to somewhere else. The property was clean overall and the price was very cheap, but I would recommend staying somewhere close to the MRT (subway) stations instead. It rained a lot while I was in Bangkok.


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