Bangkok Restaurant – Talin Pling

  • Visited: 2017 Nov 23, 11 AM
  • Ordered:
    • Watermelon frost (THB 95 ~ USD 3)
    • Papaya salad (THB 100 ~ USD 3)
    • Crab fried rice (THB 165 ~ USD 5)
  • Price: THB 430 (~ USD 14) after taxes
  • Link: Tripadvisor


Siam Paragon was a huge shopping mall connected to Siam MRT station. The food court, located in the basement floor, was so large that I felt like it deserved a mall on its own. In fact, I got lost several times. To be fair it’s not really a food court; more like a floor with a bunch of restaurants and cafes. The atmosphere was on the luxurious side as well. There were some familiar stores such as IHOP, Krispy Kreme and Pablo (Japanese dessert store).


There were many international options and I wanted Thai food, so I went to Talin Pling. They also had outdoor seatings but I sat inside, close to the window. I went at 11 AM so there was only one other table occupied.


I wanted to order papaya salad but the only one on the menu was papaya salad but with chicken. The waitress spoke good English and I asked her about this, so she told me they could accommodate. I think they charged me the same price as papaya salad with chicken, but I was happy to try to the salad.

The watermelon frost came 5 minutes after ordering. It was closer to a smoothie than watermelon juice. It was very sweet.



Crab fried rice arrived about 15 minutes after ordering. It was amazing! It was the best dish I had in Bangkok so far. It was flavourful with soft bits of real crab meat. It wasn’t greasy or too heavy.



Papaya salad came a bit after the fried rice. I’m not really good with Thai spices so it was a little too spicy for me, but it was refreshing.




The restaurant wasn’t as fancy as many others in Siam Paragon, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I appreciated being seated in the corner so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the noise from the corridor (there was no wall between the restaurant and the rest of the floor). Their menu was really large and there were some items I would have loved to try, so I would visit this place again if I visit Bangkok in the future.


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