Bangkok Restaurant – Chilli

  • Visited: 2017 Nov 23, 5 PM
  • Ordered:
    • Green curry with chicken (THN 250 ~ USD 8)
    • Pad thai (THB 250 ~ USD 8)
    • Steamed rice (THB 30 ~ USD 1)
    • Water (THB 30 ~ USD 1)
  • Price : THB 659 (~ USD 21) after taxes
  • Link: Tripadvisor


Located in the restaurant floor in Siam Paragon mall, Chilli was a restaurant on the fancy side. The atmosphere felt modern yet authentic.


There were already a few tables occupied (at 5 PM on Thursday) and I was seated next to the aisle, meaning it was quite noisy throughout the meal.



Like some other restaurants I had to pay separately for the water. Interestingly it was customized for the restaurant and matched the interior design.



Pad thai came within 10 minutes of ordering. The portion was small (which was great because I ordered two entries), more like an appetizer size. I liked it. It was slightly sweet and the fried egg added flavour and texture. The noodles felt a bit sticky.



Curry came about 5 minutes after the pad thai. It was great! A little spicy and very flavourful.  The balance was amazing, including the chicken. It was cooked just right. The presentation was great as well. The portion felt larger than the pad thai.



Even the rice looked cute.



I also got a small dessert on the house at the end. I think it was a lime flavoured sorbet.




I liked everything from the service to the food. This restaurant was on the expensive side compared to others in Bangkok, but I think it was worth the price. Given how amazing the green curry was, I would love to try some of their other dishes.


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