Luxury Bangkok Spa – Bhawa Spa

  • Visited: 2017 Nov 24, 10 AM
  • Choice: 100 minute “relaxing Thai touch”
  • Price: THB 1750 ~ USD 56
  • Hours: 10 AM – 11 PM
  • Link: TripadvisorOfficial website


Bhawa spa was my very last stop in Bangkok. It was about 10 minute walk from Phloen Chit MRT station, so it was very close to the hotel I was staying in. It was hidden in an alley, and I loved it the moment I walked in.



I took my shoes off and walked in barefoot to the reception area. It wasn’t very large but it looked fancy. It was filled with pleasant scent, probably from some aroma oil.


After confirming the reservation, I was given a refreshing fruit tea, warm towels, and a form. The form listed things such as special conditions, pressure preference, places I would like to focus or avoid. I think that was one of the most impressive part of this spa. The therapist later actually did go by the form.


After the tea I was led to a room in a different building. The room was huge, set up with two massage beds, bath tub (for wrap therapies), and sink with some amenities.


Thai massage (after washing feet) was very good. It was quite painful but I got the impression that the therapist was technically good. Her hands were very strong and I think I would have nearly died if I chose strong as pressure preference (I chose medium). The massages I received in Let’s Relax spa and Center Point spa were somewhat similar, but Bhawa spa had more stretching poses.


After the massage I was led to a lounge area adjacent to the reception area. It had comfortable seats and I was given tea and some fruits. They were good quality.


There were spa products on display available for purchase. I think they were pretty expensive in general, as expected of spa products.



I loved it. I would go back without a second thought. Even considering the price difference between this and cheaper spa, it was definitely worth the extra. The massage was great, and the overall atmosphere was amazing. I would love to try longer treatments. I would totally recommend this to fellow travelers visiting Bangkok!


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