Singapore Hostel – Cube


2017 Nov 24 – Nov 26

  • Room: Female dormitory room
  • Price: SGD 41 (~ USD 31) per night
  • Location: 5 minute walk from Chinatown station
  • Atmosphere: Young, quiet
  • Link: Tripadvisor



The location was very convenient for this hostel (they say capsule hotel but the facility is closer to hostel than capsule hotel) – situated very close to the Chinatown MRT station. The hostel occupied the second and third floor, and the first floor is a popular restaurant.



I had to walk up a fairly long flight of stairs to reach the lobby. They didn’t seem to have an elevator.



The reception, which I forgot to take a picture of, sold various attraction tickets at a slightly discounted price which was convenient.

I had to take off my shoes and walk around barefoot inside the rooms. There was a shoe locker in the corridor.



The Room

The room was quite nice. It felt modern and private, and stayed quiet throughout the stay. There was noise from the street but very little from fellow guests.

The bunk beds were arranged so that you don’t have to interact with your neighbours too much. There was also card key-access storage space under the bed, large enough for carry-on luggages.



One of my favourite parts was that on the side it had small storage spaces that could be used as a small vanity with mirror.



There was also lighting throughout the bed and separate ventilation.



Common Area

The bathrooms and showers were not nearby and I ended up using the ones upstairs (3rd floor) throughout my stay. I just couldn’t find the restrooms on the second floor and I think I had to go past the lobby bar to get there.

The shower/restrooms were not uniform so some were quite tiny while others were a little larger. The one pictured was on the larger side.



The best perk of the hostel was the laundry. Free and unlimited, including the laundry detergent! However, they only had one washing machine and one dryer and the dryer took forever to dry my clothes.




The noise from the streets was rather loud, and the layout of the facilities was confusing. However, it was clean and the location was very convenient. The staff was friendly and while not very socializing it was very quiet. For travelers planning on eating out often in Chinatown this could be a good place to stay.


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