Singapore Tea Breakfast – TWG Tea on the Bay

2017 Nov 28

  • Visited: Tuesday, 11 AM
  • Ordered: Signature breakfast set
  • Price: SGD 52.95 (~ USD 40.5)
  • Link: Official Website, Menu


There were many TWG locations in Singapore since TWG was based in Singapore. The one I visited was the one closest to my hotel. It consisted of the boutique, which sold tea, and the restaurant. The restaurant had a fairly fancy interior with very comfortable chairs.



Unfortunately high tea option was not available when I visited, so I ended up choosing the signature breakfast set. I started with refreshing orange juice.



For tea I chose 1837 black tea, one of their signature teas. It was a light, fruity black tea and not bitter at all. I enjoyed this much more than the TWG tea bags (English breakfast) I had in the hotel room.


A few minutes later Eggs Benedict arrived. They were delicious.



The scones were good, but the jelly that came on the side was mind-blowing. It was tea flavoured, and I could really taste the tea in the jam. If I visit Singapore again I would buy it separately if I could.


At the end I got to choose 3 macarons, and I went with 1837 black tea, grand wedding tea, and silver moon tea flavours. They were good but I wasn’t particularly surprised. I don’t think the tea flavours were that strong compared to the jelly.





The variety of tea and food items they carried were quite mind-blowing, and I would love to visit TWG again. The tea and scones were amazing and their other dessert items on the menu looked intriguing. It was also pretty quiet with pretty decor, so it would be a nice rest stop on a busy afternoon.

On a side note, I bought 1837 black tea and silver moon tea on the way out, and while silver moon tea (the most popular from the store) was good, 1837 black tea was amazing even when I brewed it.


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